Volatility has started to accelerate in the stock market, which has predictably led to higher anxiety levels.  Many market pundits will point to specific catalysts such as Syria, Ukraine and Ebola, but the reality is that many of these risks have also existed while the market has been rising.  Much of what is going on...
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Global equity and fixed income markets have been in a state of tremendous trepidation, as fears of central bank tightening, combined with still slow economic growth have market participants frightened.  These issues really have been quite predictable and I don’t view much as having changed, as it is inevitable that at some point, interest rates...
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How to Use Dividends, Fixed Income, and Options to Supplement Your Income Lackluster economic growth and a severe financial crisis in Europe, have forced the Federal Reserve and ECB to keep interest rates near record lows.  This penalizes retirees and other savers whom are reliant on income generated from their investments to maintain or improve...
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Today we had our Monday Morning Investment Meeting, and as a firm we are amazed at the valuations that we are finding.  Below you’ll find a sampling of some of our largest positions moving into 2012.  Never before has it been so easy to find profitable companies, where earnings are likely to grow, at a...
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