October 2015
This morning provided some interesting news as famous activist investor Carl Icahn has announced that he has taken a large position in AIG.  AIG is and has been one of our largest positions, which we have been very successful in over the last 5 years.  We’ve recently added materially to it in many accounts during...
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We are about midway through earnings season and most of the big banks have now reported.  The delay of an interest rate increase had a role in the recent selloff as did just the general terrible market sentiment due to the severe correction that took place.  What many market participants fail to understand is that...
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Last December, we wrote this article Russia – Scary but Too Cheap to Ignore  Honestly, we got quite a few negative responses from it as people thought Russia was “uninvestable.”  This has also been the general sentiment by many market “experts.”  At T&T Capital Management (TTCM), we are long-term deep value investors.  By nature, we...
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Stock market volatility is back and we’ve seen the first significant correction in 4 years.  Economic growth in the United States has been stubbornly slow, while Europe is just finally emerging from its own economic doldrums.  Fears of a slowdown in the growth rate of China have rattled markets across the globe due the huge...
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The greatest hockey player ever Wayne Gretzky once said that “the key to scoring goals is going where the puck is going, not where it has been.”  I’ve found this to be a very apt quote to describe value investing.  You don’t chase performance irrespective of valuation, which is what most momentum investors do.  Even...
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