October 2017
Dear Investors, Warren Buffett says, “The less prudence with which others conduct their affairs, the greater the prudence with which we must conduct our own affairs.” As stock markets across the globe continue to hit record highs, it is important to take a measured look at the environment around us.  Volatility has been exceptionally low all...
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Dear Investors, On October 11th, we at T&T Capital Management celebrated our 6-year anniversary.  I feel incredibly blessed to say that the vast majority of our original clients are still with us, including quite a few that were with our prior enterprise, which we ran before we went off to create our own 100% family-owned...
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Dear Investors, In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria devastating Puerto Rico, there has a been a great deal of talk regarding its impact on bond prices and the restructuring process.  Much of the analysis is slanted and is quite poorly informed to be honest.  Remember that these companies are not Property & Casualty insurers that...
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Dear Investors, As we are now more than eight years into a bull market, I’m struck by how different the psychology is of most market participants now, compared to just a few years ago.  In Europe, we have seen a significant referendum vote, where the affluent region of Catalan proclaimed their interest in breaking away...
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