January 2012
Today there is a very interesting article on showing the immense pessimism priced into US equities, exhibited by the extremely low price/earnings ratios.  Markets go from periods of pessimism to periods of exuberance, but what is striking about the last several years is that at no point has the market rallied to a point...
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The general consensus is that the recovery in housing will be slow and will take several years before you see substantial price appreciation.  It is also understood that there is a large shadow inventory which will bog down prices delaying the recovery.  While we have certainly gone through the worst housing crisis since World War...
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While all the news lately has been bad for Sears, I found it quite interesting that the CEO who owns 60% of SHLD in his Hedge Fund just bought a huge amount of stock.  Sears has never been an investment based on confidence in its retailing operations and I think that purchases like this speak...
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While the market has been performing adequately over the last couple of months we are seeing really impressive performance out of our more contrarian investments such as Assured Guaranty (AGO).  Even after a 54% gain it still trades at only about 70% of book value, and its adjusted book value is actually around $50 per...
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There was a significant court ruling that will be a big help to what has been one of our largest positions AGO.  MBIA which is a competitor to AGO in the same line of business one a ruling versus Bank of America about what they need to prove to show losses from fraudulent reps and...
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