March 2016
From the 1964 Buffett Partnership Limited Letter: “In looking at the table of investment company performance, the question might be asked.  ‘Yes, but aren’t those companies run more conservatively than the Partnership?”  If you asked that question of the investment company managements, they in absolute honesty, would say they were more conservative.  If you asked...
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Below is a fabulous article that was in the Wall Street Journal outlining why banks are extremely attractive investment right now, especially in relation to something like Commercial Real Estate. Much of this is due to the greatly distorted political environment in which the banks are still vilified for the Financial Crisis that ended 7...
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On Tuesday, the House Natural Resources Committee released a discussion draft on potential legislation regarding restructuring Puerto Rico. I view the legislation as being a good start to resolving the crisis in a fair and equitable way, although there are still some improvements that must be made. Key to the plan is a strong federally...
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It has been over 10 months since the S&P 500 has seen a new high and many market pundits are of the belief that the bull market starting in 2009 is now over.  It is my belief that stocks overall are priced within the realm of reason, and are neither extremely expensive or extremely cheap. ...
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While the first 2 months of 2016 were quite terrible, markets are clearly starting to loosen up. This is very good news for the big banks’ that rely on companies issuing equity and debt as part of their investment banking operations. There is no doubt that first quarter earnings will be bad compared to robust...
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I can’t say I’m sad to see the first two months of 2016 go.  I’d say it was a roller coaster, but it felt more like a free fall as markets across the globe absolutely tanked.  While this will inevitably happen from time to time, actual economic fundamentals are not bad.  Today we got pretty...
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