August 2020
I’ve written quite a few times about the Tech Bubble that currently exists in the U.S. stock market.  No stock better epitomizes this madness than Tesla.  Over the last 12 months, Tesla generated $24.578 billion in total revenue and generated EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) of negative $69MM.  Tesla’s market capitalization is a staggering...
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There was a really great interview between TD Ameritrade and Rob Arnott, who is one of the most respected stock strategists in the field.  Keep in mind that the spread between growth and value has literally never been greater. While it is easy to look at the recent past and extrapolate that into the future,...
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Sometimes it is easy to look at what is working in the stock market and assume that it is the “safe and prudent” way to invest, because it is working.  Remember that investing is about buying securities at a discount to intrinsic value based on a fundamental analysis that suggests the securities should appreciate over...
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As we get into mid-August, we are seeing some very positive data points.  Hospitalizations and ICU utilization for Covid-19 are plummeting fast, particularly in the sunbelt, where there was so much concern.  Tragically deaths lag and are likely at their peak right now, although this is a far lower peak than what we saw in...
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