October 2022
Inflation and its impact on interest rates continues to be the driving factor in financial markets and the overall economy.  There are certainly signs of inflation slowing down in a practical sense, with what we are seeing in housing, as prices decline in many of the formerly hottest markets.  That will take time to show...
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The Huge Cost of Trying to Time the Market and Favorable Election-Year DynamicsToday I saw an interesting statistic that I wanted to share with you.  If you sold stocks at the bottom of each 10% selloff, and then bought back 10 days later, you’d miss out on over 2/3rds of the gains since 2002.  This...
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The Wilshire 5000 index is down 26% YTD.  Historically, since 1971, only one of 20 occurrences of drawdowns exceeding 20%, resulted in stocks being down just 1-year later, with the other 19 being positive.  All of the occurrences saw the index higher 3, 5, and 10 years later, which is simply astounding. Please make sure...
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