February 2020
With market volatility spiking, I thought it would be a great time to describe in detail how our options strategies work. On the first example on the top of this email, we will outline how selling cash-secured puts work. If a stock we believe is worth $40 is trading at $32, we might think the...
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Over the weekend, reports have come about that the Coronavirus has been spreading quite a bit outside of China.  New clusters have formed in Italy, South Korea, Iran, Israel, etc.  One concern is that they are having a tough time figuring out how they got the virus, as many hadn’t been to China recently.  The...
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Many investors, especially retirees, understandably are focused on generating income from their investments.  Historically, bonds have been one of the best ways to achieve that, with less volatility than equities.  While history can be a fantastic guide to what can potentially happen in the future, looking at recent data on fixed income returns could not...
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Fears of the Coronavirus have caused bonds to rally, resulting in lower interest rates once again.  The Tech Bubble has continued to grow, while value stocks have been left in the dust the last few months.  While this can be frustrating over the short-term, over the long-term, it creates compelling opportunities to create substantial wealth....
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2020 is shaping up to be a strange year.  This Coronavirus has a region in China, far larger in population than New York city, on a complete lock-down.  There are zombie cruise ships patrolling the waters in a state of full quarantine, with no countries wanting to take the risk of allowing them in to...
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