June 2022
During bear markets, it is not uncommon for market participants to be focused on if there could be another 10-15% downside, regardless of the fact that the market is far cheaper than it has been in several years when they were willing to invest aggressively.  Bear markets bring out the biggest pessimists, peddling the most...
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Equity and bond markets had a brutal week as today’s CPI report confirmed that inflation has accelerated to a 40-year high, which has traders speculating that the Fed will have to raise rates faster than expected.  In addition to that data, we saw the lowest Consumer Confidence number in the surveys history, which dates back...
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There was a great article on Bloomberg today discussing the shift towards value investing and the opportunity available that you can find here.  The article might require a subscription so I’ll highlight some of the key points. “After languishing behind growth for most the past decade-plus, value investing has come back with a vengeance.  The S&P...
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Today there were headlines that one of the premier growth funds, Tiger Global Management is down 52% this year.  This has been one of the hottest funds of the last decade, buying the flashiest growth stocks with little regard to valuations.  Tiger’s aggressive strategy was richly rewarded over the last few years while value struggled...
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