June 2020
I stumbled on a fantastic article today that is right on target with what we discussed in our previous article from 6/25/20 related to value investing and mean reversion.  There is a link below, which I think you’ll enjoy but I’ll cover some of the key aspects. These might be redundant if you read the...
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I’d like to draw your attention to the images above.  The graph on the left highlights the sharp divergence between momentum growth stocks and value stocks.  That is a 55% divergence and is one of the most shocking divides between growth and momentum in history, if not the most.  The only comparable is during the...
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I wanted to start with wishing all the Dads a Happy Father’s Day.  There has been a lot of interesting data coming out, including an incredible jobs report for May, and then a shockingly good retail sales number last week.  As we continue to reopen and resume a semblance of normalcy, things should only keep...
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Volatility is picking up once again, which we should expect given the extreme conditions the world is seeing.  Yesterday, the Federal Reserve chair said that interest rates were likely to stay near zero through at least the next year or so.  I don’t see that as surprising whatsoever, given the focus will be on reducing...
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As the economy reopens, cyclical value stocks are starting to perform a lot better. Remember, that what we experienced was something that has never happened before, with the major economies across the globe shutting down due to a virus.  I’d suggest the lock-down was more like the black swan rather than the pandemic, which are...
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