April 2014
Bank of America: Potential Rewards Far Outweigh the Risks. Bank of America’s (BAC) current and recent earnings have been plagued by an albatross of litigation, which has the company trading at a reasonable price to earnings multiple based on 2014 earnings, but the long-term earnings power and intrinsic value of the company is over 50% higher than the...
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Below is a great article that was on Gurufocus describing some of Warren Buffett’s past sales of naked put options.  This is a strategy we use extensively at T&T Capital Management and we believe it is akin to Buffett’s “workout” strategy, which he used when he was running the Buffett Partnership L.P.  The L.P. was...
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Below is an interesting article discussing value investor David Einhorn who is betting against some of the high-flying technology stocks that are trading at valuations reminiscent of the late 1990’s.  I definitely agree with his investment thesis and I’m sure that some of the stocks he is shorting are stocks like Twitter, Tesla, LinkedIn etc....
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Below is a link to my most recent research report on Citigroup.  This stock is deeply undervalued and offers and extremely compelling opportunity for long-term investors.  I hope that you enjoy!  
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Few articles that I have read describe the investment philosophy of T&T Capital Management (TTCM) better than the below one by the great value investor Howard Marks.  My first six or seven years in the investment industry revolved around the substantive differences between the way that the most successful investors in history have invested, and...
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