September 2021
Today the Case/Shiller housing price data came out and it showed prices up nearly 20% YoY. Brent crude oil touched $80 per barrel and is on course for its best month since February. Treasury yields have risen quite dramatically over the last week, with the 10-year now above 1.5%, the highest since June.  Natural gas...
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Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates is one of the best investment strategists around. He wrote a fantastic article on the opportunity in value investing, so instead of going on about it, I’m just going to let you read it to get a good grasp of the opportunity in front of us.  Here was one quote...
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Global markets have sold off pretty hard to start the week.  Most of the narrative surrounds the Chinese property market and one of their largest developers, Evergrande.  China’s government is clamping down on leverage and demanding many industries to buy in, literally, to their social objectives via cash “donations”, cheaper housing, etc.  Both the Shanghai...
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  Interest rates are without a doubt one of the most important drivers of investment returns, if not the most significant.  Warren Buffett has mentioned in the past that there is almost a reverse gravitational impact of interest rates, in that lower rates tend to raise equity valuations.  Conversely, higher interest rates tend to pressure...
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    The image above shows the S&P Growth/Value ratio. As you can see, this ratio has hit a new marginal high, to an all-time record.  This means that the valuation spread between growth and value has never been more extreme.  Interestingly, we saw a similar pattern occur in 2000, right before the Nasdaq began...
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Today the August jobs report came out and was quite disappointing.  The U.S. only added 235,000 jobs, which was well short of expectations that were for over 700,000 new jobs.  Fears regarding the Delta variant likely had a role in this big miss.  Many businesses I’ve talked to have expressed immense frustration about a lack...
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