2019 Investment Strategy

2019 Investment Strategy Webinar

The 4th quarter of 2018 reminded investors that markets go down as well as up.  The global bear market transformed the psychology of most market participants from optimistic to extremely pessimistic.  For several years, hundreds of billions of dollars have been piling into index funds with zero regard to valuations, so a selloff like this was likely overdue.  Learn how to take advantage of the bargains that have gone on sale in the aftermath of this downturn, including specific names that offer attractive value.  Also, T&T Capital Management CEO Tim Travis will go over specific strategies that you can utilize to take advantage of soaring volatility to generate income, reduce risk, and to manufacture cheaper entry prices into stocks. 

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Your investments are so much more than numbers on a monthly report – it’s how you will pay for your lifestyle after you decide to retire.  Partnering with investment advisors you can trust is essential for your continued financial stability.

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