Welcome To T&T Capital Management

Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds, but we all share one goal – invest intelligently, ethically, and safely while benefiting from the highest possible returns.  Whether you’re looking to generate more income or are planning for a fast approaching retirement, we use deep value investing strategies to build your wealth from our focused portfolio of hand-picked and thoroughly researched securities.


Our goal at T&T Capital Management is long-term capital growth.  At the core of our strategy, we invest in a focused portfolio of securities that we acquire at prices well below their underlying intrinsic values.  Simply put, we hand-pick investments, paying careful attention to key measures to ensure we are making strategic decisions with our stakeholders’ best interests in mind.

From stocks and bonds to a wide range of other securities, we generate income with the purpose of maximizing risk-adjusted returns.  We never get blinded by the amount we can earn from an investment. We measure risks in absolutes, as opposed to relatives. We make informed decisions based on facts and years of expertise. This is how we not only build wealth but protect the wealth we already have.

Start Planning Your Retirement

Your investments are so much more than numbers on a monthly report – it’s how you will pay for your lifestyle after you decide to retire.  Partnering with investment advisors you can trust is essential for your continued financial stability.

We believe in getting to know you and your unique needs, in building a relationship, in understanding your goals.  Get started on your FREE portfolio review with one of our Senior Investment Advisors.  You’ll get to know us, and we’ll get to know you.  Then we can talk about what you can be doing to maximize your retirement plan.