I’ve been writing a lot about elevated valuations for equities and the absolutely horrid risk/reward in almost all bonds.  I’ve kept the same graphics at the top of this email for the last month as I want to emphasize the importance.  We’ve also covered inflation, which is rearing its ugly head, with the September PPI...
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Today the Case/Shiller housing price data came out and it showed prices up nearly 20% YoY. Brent crude oil touched $80 per barrel and is on course for its best month since February. Treasury yields have risen quite dramatically over the last week, with the 10-year now above 1.5%, the highest since June.  Natural gas...
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Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates is one of the best investment strategists around. He wrote a fantastic article on the opportunity in value investing, so instead of going on about it, I’m just going to let you read it to get a good grasp of the opportunity in front of us.  Here was one quote...
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