September 2015
At T&T Capital Management (TTCM), we define risk as the risk of taking permanent losses of capital.  Of course we are going to be susceptible to short-term mark to market selloffs just like anybody else, but we want to be invested in undervalued and profitable businesses that will recover and thrive through downturns.  While the...
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When investing, the fundamental question is what is the value of the business versus the pricing being offered?  If that value is substantially greater than the price offered, one has a strong expectation of attractive profits and a margin of safety, which means that the investor isn’t likely to lose money over the long-term.  Companies...
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Read our latest research report by our Chief Investment Officer Tim Travis on American International Group, Inc. (AIG). AIG – Recent Selloff is Great  
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Many people think of the stock market as being akin to a casino.  Truthfully, for many market participants that engage in speculation or market timing, it is very similar to a casino.  This is where Warren Buffett’s mentor Benjamin Graham brought so much value in his epic books Security Analysis and the Intelligent Investor.  In...
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I hope that you had a fabulous and safe Labor Day holiday.  This morning Warren Buffett was on CNBC where he discussed the economy, interest rates, and the outlook for long-term investing in stocks.  He made excellent points in that the U.S. economy has really not accelerated beyond the 2-2.25% level on a year over...
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Current stock market volatility remains extremely high and hysteria is quite significant.  It is my opinion that we are in a classic stock market correction.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it a panic yet, but clearly fear is very high.  It is important to look at the underlying fundamentals and see if they line up with...
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