January 2018
I stumbled upon an interesting article that I thought you might enjoy and is relevant to today’s environment. I, like most people am quite optimistic on the U.S. and global economy. Job creation has been strong, and I believe we should see wage growth accelerate. In addition, lower corporate tax rates will increase earnings for...
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As we’ve been discussing, we have been in a very difficult market environment for value stocks, similar to what we saw in the late 1990’s.  While most value investors trailed the indices during those bubble days, many ended up making fortunes the following years as the bubble collapsed, but value stocks rose dramatically. At T&T...
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As stock market euphoria continues unabated, I found a fabulous article that describes bull and bear markets that I thought could be highly relevant at this juncture in time. I’m going to keep my comments relatively short and let the article do the talking. As an analyst looking at valuations of most Dow and S&P...
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I came across an extraordinary paper from Davis Advisors called The Wisdom of Great Investors. The paper is basically a collection of wisdom from some of the greatest long-term investors in history. Since the paper is relatively long, I thought I’d share with you some of the most important lessons from it. During extreme periods...
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In today’s extremely expensive stock market, we’ve been discussing a few incredibly attractive opportunities with 50%-75% upside potential, and large margins of safety. To find these opportunities, you have to look at areas that are highly out of favor based on short-term concerns, but that have strong long-term outlooks. There are lots of companies that...
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Firstly, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year. I’m excited and hopeful for 2018 and I believe that we could see some exciting changes in the U.S. economy and markets across the globe. At T&T Capital Management, we are focused on protecting and growing your hard-earned capital. We understand that your money...
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