May 2014
It is always amazing to me, how much of an emphasis most market participants put on market timing and newsletters promoting market timing.  This is highly damaging to long-term investment returns and is a primary reason why most market participants generally underperform the market averages.  There are reasons why most newsletter publishers are not billionaires,...
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Below are two interesting articles from today’s WSJ.  One discusses the fact that because stock prices in general are relatively expensive, but with bond yielding being so low, it is very possible that this type of range-bound market that we have seen this year could continue.  The second article discuss bond yields, which have just...
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  In the aftermath of the Great Recession, the biggest asset that is owned free and clear is often a 401K or IRA.  Unfortunately for investors, most of these 401Ks and IRAs are invested in cookie cutter mutual funds or ETFs, which stack the odds of even keeping up with the market against them.  Did...
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This weekend, the WSJ had an interesting article discussing momentum-based technology stocks.  Many of these securities have come down by 20-75% over the last several months, as the same momentums that had lifted them higher in the absence of profitability, have now turned against them.  For market participants’ that speculated on these securities, betting that...
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While history might not repeat itself, it does tend to rhyme.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the psychological behavior of market participants.  Between 1995-2000, tech stocks and day trading were the rage regardless of valuations.  Ultimately the Nasdaq crashed 75% from the high to the low, wiping our many retirees savings along with...
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