September 2019
This morning I read a good article in the WSJ, posted below.  The article discussed that, as a whole, stocks and bonds are pricey by historical measures.  Highly valued stocks and bonds have very likely pulled future returns forward, meaning many investors have less of an opportunity for big gains in the future. “U.S. stocks...
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One of the hot stocks over the last few years has been Netflix.  Clearly, the product has been extremely successful across the globe, as the company has experienced strong subscriber growth.  As of July of this year, the stock was already up 40% for the year.  Despite the success of the product and the stock,...
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As discussed in our last newsletter, value stocks have roared back strongly to outperform struggling momentum stocks over the last two weeks.  This is only two weeks, but it is worth discussing, because it augurs to how we see the market in the future.  How can we generate the returns we are targeting of double-digit,...
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Over the last week, value stocks have poised very impressive gains, while many of the momentum names have really struggled.  This is obviously very good for our deep value investment portfolios.  I want to emphasize, we should never get too excited or upset by short-term performance metrics.  With that said, value stocks are as cheap...
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We at T&T Capital Management have been making the argument that the marketing and shift towards index fund investing, irrespective of valuation, is likely to lead to very serious problems in the future.  Every bubble arises out of a good story that gets carried too far.  Once valuations are seen as virtually irrelevant info, that...
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