October 2020
Running up to the election in 2016, I believe the market was down 12 days in a row or something along those lines. We’ve seen a substantial selloff once again running into this one as tensions are high and stimulus is not happening prior to the election. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google were down by...
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  I came across a very interesting article written by value investor and market historian Richard Pzena.  As you know, the closest comparison to the current market environment is the Tech Bubble, as the most expensive companies have seen P/E multiple expansion, while value stocks have seen multiple compression.  As you can see on the...
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Earnings season has begun and thus far almost every one of the banks that have reported have beaten their earnings estimates.  The stock prices haven’t yet reflected the improving metrics, but over time prices follow business fundamentals, so there will be convergence.  ALLY Financial posted an absolutely sensational quarter this morning with record earnings and...
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As we retire or get closer to retirement, the need to generate investment income takes on a much greater importance.  Historically, it was much easier, as one could divert a larger portion of their stock portfolio into bonds, while capturing yields that might vary from 5-10%.  Those yields, combined with the nearly 40-year bull market...
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Last night, it was announced that the President and First Lady tested positive for Covid-19.  We aren’t sure how symptomatic they are thus far but of course it adds uncertainty to an already tense time.  Hopefully they, and all other afflicted by the virus, will be okay! Congress continues to negotiate a potential stimulus deal. ...
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