December 2017
There is a lot of media attention being put on Puerto Rico right now.  I feel so lucky that we have the types of clients that have donated time and money to people that have been so negatively impacted by these terrible natural disasters that have hit in 2017. Our thoughts and prayers are to...
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I wanted to pass on a very interesting article that I thought you might enjoy and which contains some valuable lessons of the past that are just as applicable today. Here is the link to the article and below are my comments on the subject: Warren Buffett – The Only Score That Counts In Investing...
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Dear Investors, The biggest mistake we can make as investors is focusing on the short-term and ignoring the long-term.  Investing is by definition a long-term endeavor.  A market participant may speculate that Tesla stock will go up in the next 3 months, but that doesn’t meet the definition of an investment, which necessitates rigorous fundamental...
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