Puerto Rico in a Hamiltonian Perspective

There is a lot of media attention being put on Puerto Rico right now.  I feel so lucky that we have the types of clients that have donated time and money to people that have been so negatively impacted by these terrible natural disasters that have hit in 2017. Our thoughts and prayers are to all of those that have been impacted negatively. Fortunately, America knows how to come back, and I am immensely optimistic on that front.

I believe that it is very important to separate fact from fiction and understand 2nd and 3rd order impacts of various scenarios. It is essential that rule of law is respected, and I believe that the example set by Alexander Hamilton in a similar scenario provides a great template of how that can happen. Puerto Rico can benefit from a far brighter future if it fixes the fundamental fiscal problems, which have created this crisis and hopefully become a hotbed for investment.

Below is an article that I wrote yesterday drawing attention to the illegal and disappointing behavior of Puerto Rico’s Oversight Board. Also, is an excellent article written on MBI and AGO that really echoes my own sentiments exactly. I hope that you enjoy!

Puerto Rico’s Oversight Board Is Failing At Its Duties

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