April 2018
Dear Investors, This morning, I read an interesting article about retirees becoming increasingly concerned about their ability to have enough money to cover basic living expenses. One of the major reasons for this is the increase in medical and long-term care expenses. Retirees faced a steep increase in the standard premium for Medicare Part B,...
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Dear Investors, There have been numerous storylines from global political turmoil, problems with advertising firms such as Facebook, and now concerns about chipmakers and hardware sales.  Rising oil and commodity prices will likely result in increased inflation expectations if they hold.  Continued global growth, points towards the potential for higher interest rates.  Today the 10-year...
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At T&T Capital Management, our primary focus of course is on deep value investing.  That means we are only interested in buying securities that trade at large discounts to intrinsic value, thereby ensuring us a significant margin of safety.  By doing this, we both protect the portfolio and position it for maximum potential long-term returns. ...
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