View Recorded Webinar – How to Use Options in a Long-Term Investing Portfolio for Income and Protection

Stock market volatility is back and we’ve seen the first significant correction in 4 years.  Economic growth in the United States has been stubbornly slow, while Europe is just finally emerging from its own economic doldrums.  Fears of a slowdown in the growth rate of China have rattled markets across the globe due the huge role that the world’s second largest economy has had on demand for raw materials, automobiles, etc.  It is in these conditions that the utilization of stock options for the purposes of generating income and protecting your portfolio can be most effective.  While stock options have been given a bad name to some extent through unscrupulous brokers that use them as gambling tools; for the prudent investor stock options can play an exceptionally valuable  in protecting your portfolio in a down market, while also generating income in this low interest rate environment.

At T&T Capital Management (TTCM), we specialize in executing a value-based investment management strategy.  Our number one focus is on identifying businesses trading at large discount to intrinsic value, offering the maximum margin of safety and return potential.  Secondly, we utilize conservative options strategies such as selling cash-secured puts and covered calls, which can reduce risk and add income to your portfolio.

Recorded on Wednesday October 7th, 2015 for a webinar where we will outline how options can protect your portfolio in the event of a market downturn.  We will also show you how you can greatly enhance your income generating potential without taking on the extreme interest rate risk that many fixed income strategies currently entail.  We will also dive into how options can go beyond just a short-term trading strategy in the way that most market participants use them, but instead can be a part of a long-term investment strategy that can be utilized for many years.  View Today!


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