Webinar on How to Use Dividends, Fixed Income, and Options to Supplement Your Income-Tim Travis T&T Capital Management

Lackluster economic growth and a severe financial crisis in Europe, have forced the Federal Reserve and ECB to keep interest rates near record lows.  This penalizes retirees and other savers whom are reliant on income generated from their investments to maintain or improve their standards of living.  At T&T Capital Management we incorporate a multi-tiered and understandable investment approach where the focus is on maximizing income generation, while taking less risk than buying stocks outright.  As opposed to using mutual funds or other overly diversified products, we hand-select each and every security in our clients’ portfolios to target the highest risk adjusted returns possible. 
The S&P 500 has done very little in the last 10 years and while moving forward we are starting from a lower base, it is unlikely that we are going to see the exceptional returns we saw in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Therefore to succeed in growing your portfolio in this environment it is essential to utilize tools such as high yield fixed income, dividend producing equities, and stock options to generate income and reduce risk.  To invest successfully it requires diligent research and analysis which we provide to clients so that they can have a strong understanding of the strategies employed in their portfolios.  Many firms will charge extremely expensive brokerage fees to execute trades which directly impacts investment performance, but instead at T&T Capital Management we utilize the best and most inexpensive discount brokers to keep transaction costs at a minimum.

In our upcoming webinar we will be discussing how you can benefit from the market volatility, and position your portfolio to have the best opportunity to meet your investment goals.  There is no reason to except mediocrity on your hard earned investment capital, as there are far better methods out there.  At T&T Capital Management we will show you how our deep value investing methodology, where we select each and every security based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance, can improve performance while offering more protection from the difficult macro investing environment.

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Investing in the financial markets involves risks. Options are not suitable for all investors.