June 27, 2012
How to Use Dividends, Fixed Income, and Options to Supplement Your Income Lackluster economic growth and a severe financial crisis in Europe, have forced the Federal Reserve and ECB to keep interest rates near record lows.  This penalizes retirees and other savers whom are reliant on income generated from their investments to maintain or improve...
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It is amazing to see how well Lennar (LEN) has performed relative to its peers.  Today the company reported extremely strong earnings.  Some of the highlights are the following: Deliveries up 20% from 1 year ago. New orders up 40% from 1 year ago. Backlog up 61% from 1 year ago. Operating margin improved 480...
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This is a really interesting article about the changes in supply and demand that are having transformational impacts on crude oil prices.  I’ve never been an advocate of the “Peak Oil” theory and with natural gas prices at historic lows I believe it makes sense to make a more dramatic shift so that the United...
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I find myself disagreeing reluctantly with one of my favorite investors Michael Price in his assessment of breaking up the big banks.  While I don’t disagree that the value of the banks would increase over the short term, I do believe that increased size allows for certain efficiencies which would be compromised if they were...
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This was an exceptional interview on Bloomberg with Morgan Stanley (MS) CEO James Gorman.  Gorman correctly understands the global nature of the financial industry and the benefits of scale necessary to compete on that global level.  It is extremely obvious that the sum of the parts of these banks are greater than the current market...
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There were positive signs in the data for pending sales of U.S. homes and durable good orders, which are a welcome relief from the recent data which has been quite poor.  There is no doubt that if the U.S. economy is to outperform expectations housing will be a key cog in doing so.  Sentiment amongst...
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