I hope everyone is holding up okay.  We’ve seen some encouraging employment numbers coming off those massive layoffs, but clearly the economy still has a lot of work to do to get close to recovering from where it was.  This month we should see a new stimulus bill negotiated, which will surely be very contentious. ...
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There are many companies that have had better growth than IBM has over the last decade, but I would be hard pressed to name a company that has done better for shareholders.  IBM has consistently outlined a long term plan to focus on higher margin businesses, and to return cash to shareholders through increasing dividends,...
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Cisco is using some of their foreign cash to acquire the Digital TV software maker NDS for $5 Billion.  They are using the foreign cash to avoid paying taxes on repatriating that money back to the U.S.. I sure hope that this is a business that Cisco is committed to operating in.  I’ve long been...
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We should see the release of Federal Reserve’s draconian stress test this week which should clear the path for many of the stronger banks to increase their dividends and share buybacks.  It is important for these companies to be able to operate in the shareholders best interests, yet still follow all regulatory guidelines. For the...
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