April 24, 2012
Apple (AAPL) beat expectations as usual earning a mind boggling $11.6 billion or $12.30 a share in their fiscal second quarter.  Much of the growth came from international markets where Apple still has a really good opportunity to increase market share.  The iPhone is generating 60% of revenue and the higher gross margins are having...
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Juniper Networks (JNPR) earnings beat expectations due to strength in their switches business.  This should bode well for Cisco (CSCO) which is one of our larger holdings.  Government spending has been light particularly in Europe which was expected.  I’ll be interested to see if Cisco is still winning market share from Juniper which we’ll find...
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There are many companies that have had better growth than IBM has over the last decade, but I would be hard pressed to name a company that has done better for shareholders.  IBM has consistently outlined a long term plan to focus on higher margin businesses, and to return cash to shareholders through increasing dividends,...
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It is amazing to think that housing prices have gotten to their 2002 levels.  Affordability is extremely attractive and renting is getting much pricier.  With interest rates so low the opportunity to but a home is one that should certainly be taken advantage of particularly for first time home buyers. INVESTING IN THE FINANCIAL...
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This article provides an update on some of the problems that Cheaspeake Energy (CHK) is dealing with.  I believe it is time for Aubrey McClendon to step down as it is clear he is managing this company for himself and not other shareholders.  At the current price I think CHK offers a good value but...
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