Brian Moynihan
Bank of America has been a hugely successful investment thus far for T&T Capital Management (TTCM) and we are optimistic that it can still do well into the future.  The company is improving its performance each quarter by reducing costs and reducing exposure to legacy problems.  CEO Brian Moynihan has done a stellar job in...
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Brian Moynihan echoes our belief that in the U.S. credit trends are far better than in Europe.  The primary risks in the U.S. are that policymakers abroad and in the U.S. will not adequately promote growth policies.  We’ve seen this before such as wrangling about the debt ceiling, and in Europe the response to the...
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In the reps and warranties case including MBIA and Bank of America, a judge has increased the chances for a settlement by ruling that Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan must testify.  I think it is in both companies interest to settle this case as MBIA needs the cash flow, and Bank of America needs...
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It looks like Bank of America has the right man for the job in CEO Brian Moynihan.  The company has done a phenomenal job boosting capital through divesting non-core assets.  The banks has very strong reserves which should insulate it from future credit losses.  Due to all of the turmoil from lawsuit regarding reps and...
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Today we had some big news with the Federal Reserve announcing the results of the dramatic stress tests.  As a whole the US banking industry did quite well, which is to be expected considering they have double the capital that they had three years ago. I was somewhat surprised to see Citigroup, which has one...
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This author did an excellent job outlining the investment thesis for Bank of America.  His premise is that the warrants are more attractive than the common stock due to the inherent leverage involved, but I tend to disagree because a large percentage of future profits are likely to be paid out via dividends, and I’m...
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