May 30, 2012
The sour grapes relating to the Facebook (FB) IPO continue in today’s WSJ as Morgan Stanley’s (MS) CEO James Gorman defends the firms handling of the process.  It is my opinion that the firm acted well within its duties and I would wager that if the stock had rallied rewarding speculators, the firm would be...
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It looks like Apple (AAPL) is getting close to a release date on their TV product.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see it launched earlier than anticipated as Apple tends to under-promise and over-deliver. I’m also quite optimistic that they should be able to utilize their dominant technology infrastructure to deliver advertising that could add...
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Brian Moynihan echoes our belief that in the U.S. credit trends are far better than in Europe.  The primary risks in the U.S. are that policymakers abroad and in the U.S. will not adequately promote growth policies.  We’ve seen this before such as wrangling about the debt ceiling, and in Europe the response to the...
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While I don’t think this goes far enough I still do view the discussion of a ‘Banking Union’ as a positive.  This crisis will not be resolved without a stricter Union.  The best solution would be for Euro-Bonds, a TARP-like program, and more tangible oversight of fiscal budgets.  There is no EU if Germany remains...
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While I certainly agree with the premise of this article, unfortunately I think it is highly unlikely that Chesapeake Energy’s Board of Directors as currently constructed would allow a merger.  They have proven to have zero backbone and to act in their own interests as opposed to those of shareholders.  With that said Chesapeake has...
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