March 30, 2012
Say what you what about Goldman Sachs but they are not stupid people and they understand the housing and mortgage markets.  Inventories are down and when demand picks up watch out. INVESTING IN THE FINANCIAL MARKETS INVOLVES RISKS. OPTIONS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL INVESTORS.
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Ken Heebner is a momentum investor which I can’t really relate to, but as far as making macroeconomic calls he has a strong history.  His points on the housing market are absolutely correct.  There is going to be a tremendous amount of money made on the recovery, and just as people were to bullish on...
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This is very encouraging news to see Spain taking their budget cuts seriously.  While austerity isn’t going to be a magic potion to resolve the Euro’s problems, it does maintain the credibility of the efforts made in the last year for each country to get their houses in order.  The last couple of years Greece...
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It looks like Bank of America has the right man for the job in CEO Brian Moynihan.  The company has done a phenomenal job boosting capital through divesting non-core assets.  The banks has very strong reserves which should insulate it from future credit losses.  Due to all of the turmoil from lawsuit regarding reps and...
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RIMM came out with lackluster earnings today as expected.  This is going to be a rough year for the company as we await their new phone which won’t be out until later this year.  I think the WSJ did a great job outlining a few of the likely suitors for RIMM.  I think Microsoft and...
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