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Today I read an excellent article in the WSJ regarding the fact that stocks have tripled since their March 2009 lows, but savers are still being squeezed from low interest rates...
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In perusing the WSJ today, an article caught my eye. The venerable Charles Schwab has become the latest company to discontinue offering load mutual funds, where investors pay what generally is a high commission in addition to regular fund fees, as a result of the new Department of Labor law requiring brokers to act as...
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Below is a fabulous article that was in the Wall Street Journal outlining why banks are extremely attractive investment right now, especially in relation to something like Commercial Real Estate. Much of this is due to the greatly distorted political environment in which the banks are still vilified for the Financial Crisis that ended 7...
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According to the Wall Street Journal Coca-Cola Co. (KO) is evaluating an $11 billion plus acquisition of Monster Beverage Corp. (MNST).  At over 30 times earnings I think this acquisition is not a good idea of Coca Cola.  While I’m sure Coke could increase Monster’s sales through improved distribution, this is too large of an...
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Today the Wall Street Journal posted an article outlining some of the technological steps that Sears is taking to improve their retail performance.  While I think these programs are good I am still not really optimistic as to their future as a retailer in their current form.  I think Sears has tremendously valuable brands and...
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