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AGCO – A Successful Investment Play Closed Out

Value investing is all about buying companies at a deep discount to intrinsic value.  Often these companies are dealing with short-term issues such as a cyclical downturn.  Today we closed out one of our larger positions, which was in the agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO.  We bought the stock mostly in the low to mid $40’s […]


Greece and its Potential Impact

You can’t go to a financial website or watch financial television without seeing a headline about the huge problems facing Greece.  This is a tiny country of 11 million people and a total GDP that is less than the market capitalization of a number of American companies.  Greece’s problems are similar to those facing most […]

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TTCM: Fundamental Finance Approach to Investing

Value investing is a somewhat broad term, but the concept is basically the idea of buying securities at a discount to “intrinsic value.”  By doing so and by being willing to take a longer-term approach, the value investor is able to invest with a large margin of safety and also achieve better investment returns.  It […]