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Cautionary Tale of Chinese Stocks

Hello Everybody, While Western news has been dominated by the “Greek Crisis,” an extremely important and cautionary tale is unfolding in China.  Loosening restrictions on outside investment into mainland Chinese shares have created a bull market of epic proportions.  The Shanghai index had well over 100% over the last year.  The situation was almost reminiscent […]


Greece Rejects Creditors’ Terms – Moving Forward

Hello Everybody, I hope that you all had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day holiday!  Today’s news is that the people of Greece have rejected the terms of its creditors’ by voting no in the referendum.  Now it will be very difficult for this radical leftist government to come to terms on a package to […]

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AGCO – A Successful Investment Play Closed Out

Value investing is all about buying companies at a deep discount to intrinsic value.  Often these companies are dealing with short-term issues such as a cyclical downturn.  Today we closed out one of our larger positions, which was in the agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO.  We bought the stock mostly in the low to mid $40’s […]


Greece and its Potential Impact

You can’t go to a financial website or watch financial television without seeing a headline about the huge problems facing Greece.  This is a tiny country of 11 million people and a total GDP that is less than the market capitalization of a number of American companies.  Greece’s problems are similar to those facing most […]