Technicals and the Dynamics of a Stock Crash

We have now experienced the worst correction since 2011.  While these things are never fun to go through, they are 100% to be expected and 100% not to be feared.  Valuations have been elevated and there has been a great deal of speculative activity on wide swaths of the market, none of which we are […]


Worldwide Stock Panic – Patience is Key

I always find it extremely important to communicate with clients, particularly during times of fear and turmoil because our history has proven that the more educated the client, the less inclined they are to panic.  We are clearly in the midst of a global stock panic.  While most would point to a fear of slowing […]


Dow Correction – WSJ Article on Banks Deserving Higher Valuation

Stock markets around the globe have been panicking on fears of Chinese growth.  Today’s made news was the China manufacturing index slipped deeper into contraction territory.  The Dow is now down just about 10%, which is correction territory.  In this type of environment, just about all stocks fall.  Yesterday many of the momentum stocks that […]


Divergence Between Momentum and Value

It has been a very interesting summer as far as the equity markets go.  Summertime trading can often be quite volatile and people tend to read too much into short-term movements.  Clearly, the biggest global issue is the apparent slowdown in the Chinese economy, but if growth is anything close to the 7% growth that […]