A Primer on Selling Cash-Secured Put Options

At T&T Capital Management (TTCM) our most important options strategy that we employ is the selling of cash-secured put options. Cash-secured means that we generally don’t employ using leverage in relation to options trading as it can cause problems, like any leveraged strategy can.  Selling cash-secured puts allows the investor the opportunity to create a […]

Suit Magazine - Cover Page

FEATURED >>> Tim Travis in The Suit magazine: Opportunity in Down Markets

T&T Capital Management is very proud to have our Chief Investment Officer Tim Travis featured in The Suit magazine November 2014 issue with his article Opportunity in Down Markets. Read Article Today! Click Below!   Tim Travis in The Suit magazine: Opportunity in Down Markets   Who is Suit Magazine? THE SUIT magazine provides in-depth analyses […]


Update on AGO and a Preview of the Future

Assured Guaranty (AGO) has been a pillar investment for first myself in 2009 and T&T Capital Management since its founding in late 2011.  For an example of our investment thesis please review this article I wrote in 2011: http://seekingalpha.com/article/476071-assured-guaranty-an-undervalued-diamond-in-the-rough. Due to record low interest rates, municipal bond insurance market demand has declined, which has reduced […]


The Timeless Allure of Stock Market Timers – Barrons

It has certainly been a wild couple of weeks in the markets.  We saw extreme pessimism emerge in an instant, driving down equity markets around the world in dramatic fashion.  Just as quickly, markets have recovered many of the gains that were lost.  Oil and energy stocks are the primary exception as excess supply and […]