The Timeless Allure of Stock Market Timers – Barrons

It has certainly been a wild couple of weeks in the markets.  We saw extreme pessimism emerge in an instant, driving down equity markets around the world in dramatic fashion.  Just as quickly, markets have recovered many of the gains that were lost.  Oil and energy stocks are the primary exception as excess supply and […]

Clouds Darken for Blue Chip Stocks – WSJ

Today, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on the weak performance of “blue chip” stocks such as Coca Cola, IBM, AT&T and Wal-Mart this year.  “Blue chips” is a term that has no relevance to me but has been and still is a popular term for much of the investment community.  A “blue chip” […]

Market Update – Extreme Volatility

In the last several weeks we have seen extreme volatility in global markets.  Most notable is the decline in crude oil prices, which have come down in excess of 23% from their highs.  There are a variety of excuses for the selloff such as weak economic growth, EBOLA and ISIL.  The reality however, is that […]

TTCM Performance Report Through 09-30-2014

TTCM Releases 3rd Quarter Performance

As long-term deep value investors, we urge you to not overemphasize any one quarter or year, I can assure you that there will be periods of underperformance. The key is that I believe our deep value expertise and utilization of strategies such as selling cash-secured puts on stocks that we are willing to own at […]


Three Common Questions and Answers in Down Markets

When markets are volatile there are a few common questions that are asked. I thought it would be helpful to notate them and also post the responses to them, as there is nothing more important in investing than mastering the psychology necessary to actually invest successfully. Below are a few examples: 1) It seems that […]