Covered Calls
Below are two interesting articles from today’s WSJ.  One discusses the fact that because stock prices in general are relatively expensive, but with bond yielding being so low, it is very possible that this type of range-bound market that we have seen this year could continue.  The second article discuss bond yields, which have just...
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When I review different investors portfolios, I’m quite often surprised at the exposure to bond mutual funds.  This has a lot to do with the cookie-cutter asset allocation philosophy that is pervasive throughout the financial advisor community, where recent historical returns are used as a proxy in building a portfolio allocation.  Of course the last...
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Unfortunately, the financial advisory industry is plagued with cookie-cutter formulas like the so called 4% rule, which is based off of statistical samples of historical returns to help create a withdrawal plan for retirees.  The problem with these types of generic solutions is that the historical returns may or may not be relevant whatsoever towards...
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