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This is a fun article written by Geoff Gannon where he discusses some of Warren Buffett’s first investments.  For any serious value investor I’d of course recommend reading all of Buffett’s Partnership letters and Berkshire Hathaway Chairman’s letters, but this article did a nice job in outlining the details of a few of them. INVESTING...
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This was a bet made a few years back that the S&P 500 index would outperform a fund of funds.  Buffett’s premise of course was that due to the excessive fees charged by the fund of funds, over time it is very likely the S&P 500 which is very low in cost would outperform.  It...
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The following article is pretty indicative of the bullish argument for gold.  While I certainly have no faith in any paper currencies, I’d much rather invest in assets that are likely to grow and that have some level of pricing power.  One time Warren Buffett was asked by a student how they could protect themselves...
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Over the weekend Third Avenue Funds released their quarterly commentary, which always includes wonderful commentaries from their fund managers let by their Chairman Martin Whitman, whose investment philosophy as articulated by his shareholder letters and books, have become a  key component to our core value investing philosophy at T&T.  Whitman is unique in that he...
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I thought you might enjoy this insight into the investment practices of Seth Klarman.  Klarman is a low key value investor with an amazing track record, and is one of three men that Warren Buffett mentioned he would recommend as a money manager to people.  His investments are unorthodox in many cases and his book...
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With 2011 coming to a close I think it is very important to lay out our views going into 2012, and how that will affect our investment strategies.  2011 was a very difficult year that saw some of the most successful investors Warren Buffett, Bill Gross, Bruce Berkowitz, John Paulson, Martin Whitman, among many others...
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