April 18, 2012
Robert Wilmers is the respected CEO of M&T Bank (MTB) which is one of the best run banks in the United States.  M&T focuses on traditional lending activities and has a sterling record in underwriting good loans.  In his most recent shareholder letter Wilmers makes many salient points, and add some rather scathing commentary on...
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In this article the author outlines the usual reasons why Sears (SHLD) has declined over the last several years. His comments on declining sales, lack of revenue growth, asset dispositions, and management changes are all accurate.  What people don’t realize is that one of the smartest decisions Edward Lampert made was not too invest any...
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I absolutely love this deal for both companies as Pfizer is monetizing some of their faster growing assets which haven’t been reflected in the stock’s valuation, and Nestle is acquiring a company that fits into their core business model.  I’d need to know more details about the division to provide more commentary on valuation but...
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This is an interesting article as several clients are suing a couple of the custodians for not doing the proper research on fund managers in which they processed paperwork for.  While regulation is problematic more often than not it seems, stricter requirements on what is allowable for self directed IRA’s probably isn’t the worst idea....
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It appears that Mark Zuckerberg’s philosophy of running Facebook as a one man show is still alive.  While I don’t think that he is the most qualified guy to go about making billion dollar acquisitions without seeking a second opinion, investors in Facebook shouldn’t be surprised because he has been quite open about it.  Buying...
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In very sad news Warren Buffett wrote to shareholders that he has been recently diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer.  Fortunately the outlook looks good and we certainly wish the best for him.  In the much smaller matter of how it impacts his company Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B, BRK.A), I believe that Buffett has put a...
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