Tobias Carlisle
Today I had the opportunity to do the podcast Value After Hours with Tobias Carlisle and Jake Taylor.  We discussed current market valuations, the banking “crisis”, the opportunities we are finding in high-yield bonds, ALLY Financial, etc.  I hope that you enjoy!   Podcast Video
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Value After Hours S04 E27: Small Value is Quality, Energy in Food, Financials and the Consumer  
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The image above was presented by famous value investor Richard Pzena.  As you can see, it shows that the best returns from value investing come after periods of stress.  We’ve seen this same phenomena in our portfolios after every major selloff we have experienced over the years.  While this crisis is extraordinary, so it is...
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Respected author and value investor Tobias Carlisle, interviewed T&T Capital Management CEO/CIO on his Acquirers Multiple podcast.  The two discussed various investments such as Assured Guaranty, Puerto Rico bonds, and Kennedy-Wilson.  They also delved into topics such as passive investing and market valuations.  We hope that you enjoy!
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