This morning I was reading an interesting Bloomberg article on the lack of savings being accumulated by a large percentage of the population, including those earning between $100-$150K per year. Astonishingly in the survey, close to 50% of those have less than $1,000 in savings, and about 18% have absolutely nothing. Even those who earn...
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Yesterday, Assured Guaranty reported very strong 1st quarter earnings and once again saw an increase in both operating and adjusted book value. Over the last year, the company has grown both metrics by roughly 15%, despite adding material reserves for its Puerto Rico exposures and paying a respectable 2% dividend. The stock still trades at...
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This is very encouraging news to see Spain taking their budget cuts seriously.  While austerity isn’t going to be a magic potion to resolve the Euro’s problems, it does maintain the credibility of the efforts made in the last year for each country to get their houses in order.  The last couple of years Greece...
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This article http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericsavitz/2012/03/21/6-reasons-why-i-dont-invest-in-the-u-s-stock-market/3/ in Fortune shows some key differences in how non-value investors look at the market versus how we do.  I’m going to address the authors 6 reason below: 1) Retirement Savings- The author cites the fact that the market has been flat over the last 15 years because so much retirement money has come into...
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