It’s not surprising that after last week Spain is looking for help from the ECB through the purchasing of bonds in the secondary market.  I think the ECB should definitely get involved while making sure Spain understands that their help is contingent upon them cutting the fat our of their budget.  The ultimate costs will...
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This article shortly and succinctly outlines the problems that some of these European countries are having in establishing a competitive economy.  Ridiculous labor laws that stifle business are devastating particularly in such a globalized economic environment where lower labor costs can allow a competitor to “eat the lunch” of the higher cost business.  These types...
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This is very encouraging news to see Spain taking their budget cuts seriously.  While austerity isn’t going to be a magic potion to resolve the Euro’s problems, it does maintain the credibility of the efforts made in the last year for each country to get their houses in order.  The last couple of years Greece...
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Fortune Magazine did a great job profiling Banco Santander (STD) Chairman Emilio Botin who has built a family run Spanish regional bank into the largest European bank by market capitalization.  I really appreciate his philosophy of buying banks with an international presence during a period of turmoil, and then helping them recover through incorporating his...
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