Rob Arnott
“So, ironically, if you’re a value investor, if you’re a contrarian investor, you can’t succeed unless you’re willing to look and feel like an idiot for a period of time, until the turn happens.  If you’re willing to look and feel like an idiot, you will average in gradually and, at the turn, you’ll have...
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There was a really great interview between TD Ameritrade and Rob Arnott, who is one of the most respected stock strategists in the field.  Keep in mind that the spread between growth and value has literally never been greater. While it is easy to look at the recent past and extrapolate that into the future,...
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It has been an interesting week with a great start and a terrible finish for the markets.  We know there is going to be volatility so I wouldn’t see it as much of a surprise.  I’ve written a lot lately, so I’ll just pass on this great video of Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates, one...
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