Last week’s semi-encouraging jobs report has once again brought about calls for the Federal Reserve to begin the tapering process.  I find myself to be rather agnostic and wouldn’t make an investment decision based on this type of short-term issue, but the key is understanding that interest rates are likely to stay very low due...
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I agree with just about every sentiment in the article below by Pimco’s Mohamed El-Erian.  He makes the case that the Central banks’ are basically attacking global economic problems on their own, without the aid of fiscal policymakers’.  This is a huge problem and is the primary reason that unprecedented monetary stimulus is resulting in...
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The economic data has certainly got worse and worse and Bill Gross of Pimco believes that the U.S. is approaching a recession.  I believe this secondary recession would have been avoidable if Congress and President realized the gravity of the situation and put on a full course press on promoting economic growth.  You can’t deleverage...
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