July 17, 2012
Vivendi (VIVHY) seems to be getting much more aggressive in their quest to dispose of their 61% stake in Activision.  While I think this is an excellent move that the company should look at, I think the company is making a mistake by being so public about it as it could potentially hinder pricing for...
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AIG continues to make solid progress as today they recouped their $5 billion investment in Maiden Lane III plus interest.  This $5.6 billion receivable should enable the company to buy back stock at a huge discount to tangible book value.  In addition AIG gets 1/3rd of the profits from the remaining assets in the investment vehicle.  AIG...
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In what should not be too much of a shocker to anybody, disgraced Peregrine Financial Services Inc.’s founder Russell Wasendorf Sr. claims to have spent most of the missing clients’ money.  He blames the CFTC for being his “enemy” by fining his firm, and demanding higher capital levels.  Hopefully clients can get some of their...
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This is a very interesting article on Goldman Sachs (GS) development of a private bank to service wealthy clients with loans.  Due to its status as a bank holding company Goldman Sachs has additional costs and regulations that it didn’t have before the financial crisis.  It also provides new business opportunities and I believe this...
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The economic data has certainly got worse and worse and Bill Gross of Pimco believes that the U.S. is approaching a recession.  I believe this secondary recession would have been avoidable if Congress and President realized the gravity of the situation and put on a full course press on promoting economic growth.  You can’t deleverage...
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