Natural Gas
While ETF’s have become one of the most popular investment vehicles for investors, their utility as a proxy for certain markets is limited by some structural flaws.  One example is the natural gas market where it is not realistic to store natural gas in the same way that gold or silver can be stored.  This...
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Massive increases in natural gas production continues to lower prices.  While some large natural gas producers such as Chesapeake Energy (CHK) are shutting some wells to reduce output, supply continues to exceed demand.  A big reason for this is that oil prices are so high that it still makes economic sense for companies to drill...
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This article outlines the dual benefit that cheap natural gas prices are having on the Steel Industry, particularly the domestic companies such as US Steel (X).  Some of these companies are switching from coal to natural gas to burn their furnaces which is saving a substantial amount of money.  Also demand for steel is increasing...
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While at T&T Capital Management we are of the mindset that China is likely to experience a considerably rougher landing than the consensus opinion, this article nicely articulates some of the problems that particular commodity exporters might endure.  Companies like BHP, RIO, and RTP, are not going to have same seemingly inexhaustible demand that has...
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One of my favorite investors Wilbur Ross, was on CNBC this morning.  He discussed the dangers of long term bonds, the long term outlook for natural gas, and he talks about the banking sector as well.  Ross has a fairly large position in the natural gas company Exco Resources (XCO) which he is down on...
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