April 9, 2012
This was a great article on the new CEO of Research in Motion Thorsten Heins.  The key takeaways for RIMM is that they compete in a fast growing market and have a strong and loyal subscriber base.  The company has endured several misfires but the stock price implies a drastic decline in both revenue and...
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While ETF’s have become one of the most popular investment vehicles for investors, their utility as a proxy for certain markets is limited by some structural flaws.  One example is the natural gas market where it is not realistic to store natural gas in the same way that gold or silver can be stored.  This...
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AOL is up big this morning off of the news that they sold about 800 patents to Microsoft for over $1 billion.  This is a tremendous monetization of assets for AOL and will likely lead towards a special dividend for shareholders.  While you may have missed the opportunity in AOL I think the best investment...
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