Nearly a decade of unprecedented fiscal stimulus was bound to create bubbles. Last year, we had the great sovereign debt bubble where investors were paying countries and companies for the right to LOAN them money. As interest rates, have climbed, the foolishness of those participants has become more apparent as have their losses. Yield-desperate market...
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One of the biggest bubbles I see in the markets right now is in student loans, which have proliferated in size and scope over the last decade and more.  Many students and families of students aren’t performing the proper due diligence to ensure that there will be a reasonable expectation that the education and career...
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This article describes how many of the larger banks are curtailing lending and the regional banks are picking up the slack.  This is a direct result of the Dodd-Frank legislation which has had the effect of reducing lending as banks are forced to horde capital, and shut down formerly profitable business operations.  This is a...
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Radical changes in the regulatory landscape in addition to enormously expensive costs pertaining to dealing with problem mortgages, have elevated banks’ cost structures over the last several years.  Revenues have been flat due to lackluster economic growth particularly in the banks’ bread and butter areas of real estate and commercial lending.  To confront these issues...
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