Mark Cuban-Will Your College Go Out of Business Before You Graduate?

One of the biggest bubbles I see in the markets right now is in student loans, which have proliferated in size and scope over the last decade and more.  Many students and families of students aren’t performing the proper due diligence to ensure that there will be a reasonable expectation that the education and career based upon that education, will be sufficient to payback the loans incurred to finance the education.  This economy is not robust and jobs for younger people are increasingly competitive.  At some point, I’d expect online education choices to eventually drive down tuition pricing to make things more sensible and balanced, but for current graduates, I’d recommend very careful consideration and planning before heavily borrowing for an expensive education.  To be clear, I’m a huge advocate of college and learning, but sometimes the decision to go with a state school instead of a private school, to save a few hundred thousand dollars is the logical choice.