In the most recent shareholder letter Daniel Loeb talks about interesting investments in Unicredit and Yahoo.  Loeb’s involvement is certainly a positive for Yahoo as we have long argued that the sum of the parts is worth far greater than the current price.  Scott Thompson seems to be the man for the job and I...
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This article was pretty interesting in that most of these companies are rarely talked about by the financial media, but have been unbelievable investments.  It really goes to show that if you buy something at the right price and are willing to hold it substantial returns can be made.  Obviously for some of the tech...
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Fortune has a great article on Eddie Lambert, who happens to be the best performing Hedge Fund thus far in 2012 after a rough 2011.  While three months performance doesn’t make him a genius, one bad year doesn’t make him incompetent either. The only way to assess a money manager is through understanding the investment...
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