Barrick Gold (ABX) has been chronically mismanaged and has suffered through dismal capital allocation.  This has pressured the balance sheet and subjected the company to significant risks as the price of gold has declined from its record highs.  New management has taken over and has begun making some painful but necessary decisions, which should help...
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This is a bit older video, but still relevant due to the monetary policy concerns, which still leads speculators towards gold.  Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are extremely insightful in this regard in that purchasers of gold are completely reliant on someone being willing to pay a greater price, because the asset is completely...
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This article is excellent as it does answer a lot of the same questions that we get at T&T Capital Management on gold silver. http://www.gurufocus.com/news/170931/century-management-portfolio-manager-answers-the-question-whats-your-gold-worth INVESTING IN THE FINANCIAL MARKETS INVOLVES RISKS. OPTIONS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL INVESTORS.
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The following article is pretty indicative of the bullish argument for gold.  While I certainly have no faith in any paper currencies, I’d much rather invest in assets that are likely to grow and that have some level of pricing power.  One time Warren Buffett was asked by a student how they could protect themselves...
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