November 11, 2013
Below is our most recent research report on AIG.  The stock sold off a little bit after earnings results but is still highly attractive in our estimation.
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  Below is a very interesting article on the events that led to hyperinflation in the Weimar Repubic and the potential ramifications of the Western Economies’ monetary policies.  We all would be very naive to believe that the ramifications of the zero interest rate policies will be very mild over the long-term, but the best...
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This is a bit older video, but still relevant due to the monetary policy concerns, which still leads speculators towards gold.  Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are extremely insightful in this regard in that purchasers of gold are completely reliant on someone being willing to pay a greater price, because the asset is completely...
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As the 4th year of a bull market heads towards its conclusion, unsurprisingly, the broad public is starting to get more attracted to equities.  This is the exact wrong time to become bullish, as the prices for stocks are drastically more expensive than they have been over the last several years.  Benjamin Graham creased a...
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