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The basic tenets to value investing and margin of safety are the following: Every stock is a fractional share of an actual business. Every business or stock has an “intrinsic value.” The “intrinsic value” of a business generally changes at a much slower rate than the price of a publicly traded stock can change. Over...
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If one studies the history of financial markets, a consistent theme emerges. Short-term fads tend to dictate short-term performance, but long-term performance is determined by value and fundamentals. There are periods where prices flat out do not make sense, either for the market as a whole or for individual stocks and sectors. The current investment...
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Yesterday, Assured Guaranty reported very strong 1st quarter earnings and once again saw an increase in both operating and adjusted book value. Over the last year, the company has grown both metrics by roughly 15%, despite adding material reserves for its Puerto Rico exposures and paying a respectable 2% dividend. The stock still trades at...
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In perusing the WSJ today, an article caught my eye. The venerable Charles Schwab has become the latest company to discontinue offering load mutual funds, where investors pay what generally is a high commission in addition to regular fund fees, as a result of the new Department of Labor law requiring brokers to act as...
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Follow the link below to read TTCM’s latest research report on JPMorgan: Maybe The Sky Isn’t Falling For The Big Banks. Please enjoy reading! JPMorgan: Maybe The Sky Isn’t Falling For The Big Banks  
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Research in Motion (RIMM) is in talks to hire a financial advisor to evaluate the best way to monetize their assets.  I think that this is a very positive development and that the company should be very proactive in reevaluating their options.  Patent sales and operating system licensing seem to be quite attractive options, and...
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